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HEIMWEH Till Brönner, Open Memory Box Archive, Klaus Staeck


The Hamburg collector Harald Falckenberg is curating the exhibition HEIMWEH together with his friend and artist Bernd Dinter for the tenth anniversary of the Villa Schöningen and on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The starting point was the brilliant photographic presentation of the jazz musician Till Brönner about the Ruhr area in the Duisburg Museum Küppersmühle 2019 under the title "Melting Pott". For a year Brönner recorded everyday motifs, spontaneous portraits and architecture as very personal Objets Trouvés.


In the current exhibition at Villa Schöningen, Brönner's photos have been completely re-selected and supplemented by current photos. In addition, two further thematic complexes by the filmmaker Alberto Herskovits (Stockholm / Berlin) and Klaus Staeck were recorded in the Villa Schöningen. Without any dogmatic deepening, the exhibition is about the question of how people who are subject to authoritarian and economically determined structures shape their personal everyday life.


Alberto Herskovits has the world's largest collection of private 8mm film recordings from the GDR. He put together the documents created between 1947 and 1990 in 2019 under the title “Open Memory Box” in loops. The narrow film material, which has so far been little known to the public, comprises 415 hours.


Klaus Staeck, who grew up in Bitterfeld, does not need to be introduced. He is one of the pioneers in depicting GDR history. His photographs should not be missing in an overview exhibition. He is represented with some prominent works and with his grotesque work “Parkordnung”, directly in the field of vision of the Glienicke Bridge, points to typical organizational contexts in the GDR.


The works presented by the three artists cover a period of around 40 years. The Villa Schöningen, built in the Arcadian style, indicates the various architectural aspects of the exhibition. It is indispensable as a context of the presentation and sets accents that make the special connections of the exhibited art clear.


Harald Falckenberg

Ausstellungsansicht Heimweh, Künstler Till Brönner, 2020
Ausstellungsansicht Heimweh. Künstler Till Brönner, 2020
Till Brönner, BVB-Südtribüne,
Ausstellungsansicht Heimweh, Künstler Till Brönner, 2020
Ausstellungsansicht Heimweh, Künstler Till Brönner, Klaus Staeck, Open Memory Box, 2020
Alberto Herskovits, Random Loop #4, Open Memory Box, 2020

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